Stop struggling. Take control of your health.

Step beyond the confusion of different test results, interpretations and recommendations from various sources. Step into the clarity that comes from a holistic approach to achieving vibrant health. Take control and begin your journey to vibrant health with DIY acupressure.

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SEE THE LIGHT SESSION - your personal key for unlocking vibrant health

Investment: $500

Join Natascha Hebell, LAc, HHP for a series of private, focused consultations designed to interpret your body’s code and identify actions needed to jump start your health. Together, you and Natascha will discuss your situation, review your history, and explore options to improve your health on your own.

Natascha’s work combines deep scientific understanding with the wisdom and healing of ancient medical modalities to illuminate your situation and guide you to vitality. Isn’t it time you saw the light?

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I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, couldn’t stand up without some effort and time, and after getting up, had to shuffle my feet. I couldn’t even open a bottle of water. It was very painful...I felt all “locked up”. Now I can do all those things! I don’t hurt nearly as much. This has been the answer for me!

- Jeannie Silva



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You share your situation.

Before we meet for first session, I explore many facets of your health and experience. That’s why I ask you to complete my confidential intake questionnaire where you will share your medical history, test results if you have them, your concerns, and how you’re feeling right now.

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We meet to dig deeper.

Together, we’ll discuss your situation and explore options via private video conferences. You can expect to meet with me several times over a period of 4 weeks. Our sessions are flexible, and designed to allow us freedom as we meet together.  

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We uncover your personal key for unlocking vibrant health.

Once we’ve discussed options, I’ll combine the insights we gathered together with my expertise and knowledge of various healing modalities. You’ll receive a video sharing my recommendations and a roadmap with action and next steps you can take to achieve vibrant health.

Ready to see the light?

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Your journey to vibrant health begins here.
Join me!

Early in my career, I realized something important. The clues to health and vitality are written inside our bodies on many subtle levels. Our bodies know what they need to thrive. We just need to understand the code and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

You’ve struggled with issues like fatigue, pain, and chronic conditions for too long. You don’t need another drug or treatment plan. You need a new perspective; a holistic approach to healing your body and transforming your health. Think of me as a catalyst - the spark that begins your journey of transformation.

Join me, and together we’ll cut through the confusion and conflicting advice and step into the light of vitality.



Wondering what it means to experience vibrant health? My clients share how simple shifts created big differences in how they feel.

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