What supplements should I take?


The nutritional supplements market is huge and many pharmaceutical companies offer their own supplements. With all the information available nowadays, how do you know which supplements are best for you?

Key points of this video:

  • Unfortunately, our bodies DO need supplements because our food, grown in mineral-poor soil,  is not as nutritious as it used to be. It is also not necessarily harvested and eaten on the same day.

  • Our bodies are designed to digest food and I personally believe that injections are only helpful in extreme situations and that natural, whole-foods based supplements are best.

  • As a foundation,  our bodies need 1) a multi-vitamin of some sort; 2) minerals and 3) fish oil.

  • We need macro-minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) and trace (I call them micro)-minerals (iron, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, selenium, chromium)

  • Everything else, I believe, needs to be evaluated based on further information on how your body functions and on how your feel.

  • Herbs often work like pharmaceuticals, in the sense, that they elicit a physiological change in the body. Therefore, there are very few herbs that are good for everybody and at all times.

  • It can be confusing to read about new supplements and cures; it is best to work with a qualified practitioner to avoid spending money on duplicate ingredients and to avoid interactions with other herbs or medications.

  • One herb to look out for is St. John’s Wort: this is the herb with the most interactions with medications.

  • As a rule of thumb # 1: take your vitamins with food, because if they are food based, then take them together with food. It’s best to take them with water before you eat - not after as this will dilute your digestive juices.

  • As a rule of thumb # 2: take your herbals 2-3 hours before or after your medications to be on the safe side and avoid any interactions.

As a foundation,  our bodies need 1) a multi-vitamin of some sort; 2) minerals and 3) fish oil.

What supplements should I take? | Natascha Hebell, Wholistic Practitioner