I have so much anxiety. I need help.


We all suffer from anxiety from time to time. Often, it can be evoked by a stressful situation but if it is dominating our lives, then it is time to address it.

Key points of this video:

  • First of all, if you do take medication for your anxiety, do not stop taking it. Always check with your medical doctor first before making any changes to your medications.

  • As you most probably know, meditation or other mind-body techniques are very helpful in reducing anxiety.

  • However, sometimes anxiety can be so overpowering that thoughts cannot escape the gravitational pull of the anxiety and fear.

  • So, what to do?

  • Pattern interrupters can be very helpful: when you notice that your anxiety is bothering you, change your flow!  Change the room you’re in, go on a walk, exercise, have a glass of water, or flick an elastic band on your wrist.

  • If you can, take a cold shower or immerse your hands or feet in cold water. This will reset your nervous system.

  • Do you have a song that makes you feel good? Listen to that song (maybe 10x in a row) and think about the good feeling you had the last time you listened to it.

  • The root causes of anxiety can be varied; sometimes a latent pathogen can be to blame.

  • Your body could also be deficient in minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium.

  • As always, a whole-food diet, adequate amounts of water, exercise and rest are instrumental in helping you feel your best.

I have so much anxiety. I need help. | Natascha Hebell, Wholistic Practitioner