I believe vitality is like a puzzle.

Inside you is a beautiful image of vibrant health and vitality made up of various elements like pieces of a puzzle.  It can be difficult to see how the pieces fit together to give you energy, reduced pain, and a pervasive sense of well-being. You may have struggled for a long time and settled for partial solutions or short-term improvements.

You’ve left your puzzle only partially complete. Several pieces are still missing...and you’re not sure where they fit in. I understand.

My educational and professional journey includes deep knowledge of biology at a cellular level, an understanding of how our bodies thrive, and keen observations from the energetic, medical and corporate worlds. I’ve watched many people struggle with health challenges and symptoms - trying to improve their experience of life without lasting success. They simply didn’t understand how the pieces of their lives fit together to create vitality.


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Your body knows what it needs.

I believe the answers to health and vitality are inside each of us. Our bodies ask for what they need through thousands of little cues and signals. Our health is a reflection of how closely we listen to our bodies and how we respond.

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Your health is a reflection of physical and mental factors.

I believe we have the ability to positively impact our physical situation by improving our mindset. Does this mean you can “think yourself healthy?” Not exactly. But, your experience of life can be transformed by taking control of your situation and shifting your mindset in a positive way.

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Your path to healing is personal and unique.  

I believe vitality is available to each of us. However, I believe there is not a single solution or path we can all follow to achieve vibrant health. Your path to healing is as unique as your fingerprint and involves listening closely to your body, uncovering what it needs to  thrive, and providing those essential elements in a way that fits you.

Ready to feel better? Take control of your health.

Step beyond the confusion of different test results, interpretations and recommendations from various sources to the clarity that comes from a holistic approach to achieving vibrant health. Good things happen when you See the Light!




Natascha Hebell began her education with extensive study in molecular biology before receiving an MBA from Clemson University. During her work as a DNA researcher, she observed the very real need for uncovering the root cause of illness and working with the body’s wisdom to promote healing. This observation became the foundation for her love of healing modalities found in Reiki, functional nutrition, and East-Asian medicine. Natascha is a Reiki Master and BioEnergetic Practitioner. She is also a licensed acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner in the state of Arizona. She shares her insight and guidance virtually with clients worldwide.

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I was not sure what to expect...but now I have told all my friends and family about my experience. My low back pain has become less and less, ear ringing is lessening, sciatica pain has come down from a 10 to a 5 and my thumb pain has almost gone away. I am amazed at the results so far.
— Anna Rowland